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Collaborative Negotiation for Bargaining Teams


Collaborative Negotiation has been used as the basis for improved relationships in bargaining for the past two decades. It is a solid, tested approach to improve both bargaining relationships and working relationships without "giving away the store." Labor and management representatives who have used Collaborative Negotiation say they'll never go back to the old style of bargaining again.

Zena Zumeta has been providing training and facilitation for union-management collaboration efforts since 1985. She and the Collaborative Workplace team can provide collaborative negotiation training to help your bargaining team benefit from this new approach to bargaining.

Components of Collaborative Negotiation Training

  • Understanding old and new approaches to bargaining
  • The process of collaborative negotiation
  • Presenting problems instead of proposals
  • Team building across sides
  • Building joint ground rules for negotiation
  • Facilitating collaborative negotiations

Uses of Collaborative Negotiation

  • Maximize productivity and minimize expense
  • Resolve conflicts between labor and management
  • Improve relations during the contract term
  • Solve real problems of management and employees
  • Improve organizational morale
  • Prevent grievances and strikes

In addition to training, our staff is available to facilitate collaborative negotiations and grievance resolution.